Order data
Customer data
Vehicle data
... and more


Archiving of:
Customer data
Order data
Receipt vouchers
Tacho data
Driver card data
... and more


IOT and sensor data
Cooling data
Flow meter
... and more


internal TMS for transport and warehouse logistics
external telematics
Freight exchanges
Enrichment with value-added data
e.g. geo-coordinates,
geo-fences, tracing instructions
and more


In-house statistics and analysis software


Expenses - Customer billing
Operating costs
... and more


Data Hub

Central distributor of your IT infrastructure

  • In the Cloud or "on Premise"

  • Scalable

  • Monitoring

  • Multi-client capable

  • Source-target status transformation

  • Individually configurable

  • Visualize data

  • Various interface formats

Simplify your IT landscape

The TISLOG office Enterprise Bus is part of the TISLOG office installation and serves as a central distributor for your IT infrastructure.

All order data can be forwarded to connected systems via our "data hub".

The data hub already supports a large number of interfaces. More are added with each release. Connecting to new required systems is thus easier than ever before.


The TISLOG office enterprise bus can operate all connected systems via various additional modules, such as:

  • TMS Systems

  • Telematics Systems

  • Order Entry Systems

  • Freight exchanges

  • Archive Systems

  • Billing and Expense Systems

The features at a glance

  • Cloud or local

    Can be used "on premise" in local installations or as a cloud solution

  • Data transfer

    possible across heterogeneous system landscapes

  • Individually configurable

    Simple setting options via the TISLOG office web frontend

  • Simple exchange

    of suppliers/software systems

  • Privacy

    The orders passing through the data hub are protected from the access of third parties

  • Scalable

    The TISLOG office enterprise bus is scalable and thus easily adaptable to growing requirements

Other Features

  • No individual development necessary

  • Code keys can be automatically provided with associated texts

  • Customer data, can be enriched with required additional flags, geo-coordinates, geo-fences, tracing instructions, VAS codes ("additional services"), etc.

  • Easy transformation from source to target status

  • Regardless of the protocol of the interface, the data can be exchanged via all conventional ways

  • All orders passing through the system are monitored

  • With the additional module Order Management in Infodesk, the throughput shipments can be visualized together with their status and generation times